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Sacred breath

Living through Embodied Wellness

Meet Gypsy

Although I'm considered a "Dakini" and Embodiment Teacher, I focus more on awakening my clients with the healing power of breath, movement, meditation, and energy work. My specialty is working with individuals, to tailor-make their experience transformational, one that liberates their mind, body, and spirit to reach lasting peace and joy in being.

Allow me to guide you, coach you, cheer for you, and witness your Body's Magic.

Let's unlock the Universal Sacred Wellness inside YOU!

My Passion is Helping You
Connect Your Body with Your Spirit
How would it feel to Breakthrough  new pathways to greater energy?
What will happen if you circulate, oxygenate and Liberate yourself more often ?
Or  Heal  through embodiment practices?
  And truly 
Nourish  your body's temple with delicious recipes for health?
Allow yourself to freely Love and express it!
We're Here to Express and Create with Freedom

Over my 30 years performing and teaching, my practice has evolved from backgrounds in anatomy, yoga, pilates, dance, theater, Alexander technique, Somatic movement therapy and the Feldenkrais method. Using intelligence, feeling and sensing with intuition and trusting that healing is possible.

I believe we all have the powerful ability to achieve and deserve the best in life. For my clients I offer physical and nutritional guidance, hands on massage, breath meditation and energy tools for balanced peace of mind and awakened hearts.


PraiSe & AppreciaTioN

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"Gypsy's style of teaching is filled with love and awareness, and I felt that each session provided new knowledge, illumination, and joy. I would come out of our time together always more aligned, centered, feeling stronger, and connected to my body with new tools to apply in my work."


~ Asa Sokol-Kubiak

Cirque de Soleil Artist & Acrobat for "Corteo"

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