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Shaping the Sacred

the  Practice of 
 Passion &  Pleasure

"We're here to express and create with freedom."

Although I'm considered a "Tantrika" and Transformative Guide, I focus more on the healing power of subtle energy for my clients, blending my mastery with modern life. My true specialty is working with individual people, to make their healing experience a free and liberating aim for lasting pleasure and wellness.

I'm excited to see the Magic inside of you ready to be explored. Let's DANCE, VIBRATE and SING!!!

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My Passion is Helping You
Connect Your Spirit with Your Body
  • What will you do with your one precious Life?
  • You need to know that there's a better way!
  • Release the jealous and insecure people!
  • Embrace your true wild warrior Spirit
  • Vibrate and Feel All that is YOU!

"Take care of your body, it's the only place you have to live in."
~ Gypsy Bast

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of teaching is filled with love and awareness, and I felt that each session provided new knowledge, illumination, and joy. I would come out of our time together always more aligned, centered, feeling stronger, and connected to my body with new tools to apply in my work.


~ Asa Sokol-Kubiak,

Cirque de Soleil Artist & Acrobat for "Corteo"

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