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Encouraging Self Love
Meet Gypsy

Welcome! I’m blessed to introduce myself as Gypsy, because I’ve traveled to teach and share my studies for over 20 years. My background is in classical and contemporary dance, acrobatics, theater, music, yoga, pilates, and healing arts. I’ve had unique opportunities to perform as a magician’s assistant, coach for Cirque du Soleil's performers, choreograph for rock musicians, teach children “at risk” of drugs and violence, and have worked on stages, films, and television shows globally. I created the 1st Pole & Go-Go dance workouts for Crunch Gyms, and traveled the world hanging upside down from a chandelier serving champagne. I’m honored to be an international teacher for elite spas worldwide, to take my students on sailing retreats, and up-level my private clients with tailor made programs to transform their lives, bodies, minds and spirits!

Please allow me to get to know your goals and shift to living authentically with confidence, poise, strength, and grace!

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~ How would it feel to    Breakthrough  new paths to greater energy?
~ What will happen if you Liberate  yourself more than ever before?
~ Or  Heal through shape-shifting embodiment practices?
~ Or trul Nourish your body's temple with delicious recipes for health?
~ And allow yourself to freely self-Love and express it?
My passion is to turn you on
from Your body to your 
We're here to Express and 
Create Freely

Over my 30 years performing and teaching, my practice has evolved from backgrounds in anatomy, yoga, pilates, dance, theater, Alexander technique, Somatic movement therapy and the Feldenkrais method. Using spiritual intelligence, feeling and sensing with intuition and trusting that we are infinite.

I believe we all have the powerful ability to achieve and deserve the best in life. Through devoted practices, and mindset, we can have freedom and move with unlimited energy and flow. For my clients I offer physical, spiritual, and nutritional guidance, body & breath work, meditation, and energy tools to bring about peace of mind and an awakened heart.


PraiSe & AppreciaTioN

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"Gypsy's style of teaching is filled with love and awareness, and I felt that each session provided new knowledge, illumination, and joy. I would come out of our time together always more aligned, centered, feeling stronger, and connected to my body with new tools to apply in my work."


~ Asa Sokol-Kubiak

Cirque de Soleil Artist & Acrobat for "Corteo"

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