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Balancing Your Body and Mind

with Practice and Presence

About the courSe

This online program covers the roots of Tantra Yoga as a path to pleasure.

Feel the Freedom that You were Born with and You Embody


Working to practice ~ and play ~ with the energies of Earth, Heart, and Cosmos. 

You'll learn methods of movement, breath, sound, and meditations through:

~ Yoga ~

~ Dance ~

~ Chi Gong ~ 

~ Pranayama ~

~ Mantras and Sutras ~ 

~ Mudras ~ 

~ Meditation ~

~ Philosophy ~

You'll  Receive


Video lectures, guided audio meditations and teachings, and Gypsy's signature sequencing for mind, body, and soul. Once a week online class meetings over Zoom with the group.

"Look past your thoughts so you may drink the pure nectar of this moment.”

~ Rumi

This Class Covers:
  • What is Tantra? As a Path and as a Practice 

  • What do we Feel and See as “Energy”?

  • How Awareness is Your Superpower: The Importance of Your Body’s Feelings, and How to Turn Them On

  • Why Trusting Yourself Is So Essential and How to Live it 

  • How Embodying the God/Goddess within You Raises Your Freedom Frequency 

  • Foundation and Grounding with Lower Body, Chakras, and our Planet Earth 

  • The Importance of Heart ❤️ Coherence, One Heart Meditation, and How to Use it as Your Superpower 

  • Raising Your Cosmic Frequency with the Upper Body, Chakras, and the Universe 

  • Living from Your True Core: Being Centered and Grounded (includes a meditation practice)

  • How to Clear and Detox both Physically and Energetic, and Set Healthy Boundaries 

  • The Importance of Self-Care

  • Nutrition Guidance (recipes)

  • Igniting Your Inner Magic and Wisdom 

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This online course is a part of the One Heart Practice School of Tantra Level One.

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