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Balancing Your Body and Mind with Practice and Presence

7pm (GMT+4)
JoiN the magic

For a 60 or 90 minute Workshop 

Benefitting Your BODY, HEART, & SOUL 

Either Friday, 10th or 17th February

Merging with the Divine Flow of our Hearts 

which are soft, loving, strong and powerful.

I'm Excited to bring you

Two choices of special workshops from the ONE HEART practice.

These practices teach you the art of listening, and how to feel from inside. This brings you into a new state of wholeness in your being, where peace is everlasting in your mind, and love is forever present in your heart and soul. This leaves you feeling turned on with higher conscious awareness, and creates internal stillness full of graceful vibrations.

The One Heart practice reflects the Divine truth that all beings want to be seen, heard, respected, and connected. No matter which culture we come from, inside we are the same.


Through the heart, which is lovingly soft, and powerfully strong,

the One Heart practice follows these positive heart emotions and feelings.

Inner strength through our outer bodies!

One Love ~ One Heart



​​Heart & Core Oneness  ( 90 minutes )

Spiritual teachings speak about the Heart of One. 

In this self-loving Yoga and Frequency workshop take an inward journey with compassion—open energies of your 4th Chakra 'Anahata'—your Heart Center.

Join movement meditation that activates the meridians in your body, and feel the frequencies in collective healing heart meditations. This workshop is powerful and profound. Explore breath with the practices of Yoga Pranayama, chant the primordial Bija sounds, which are the seeds of the Chakras, and practice hand Mudras for manifestation. Peace. Harmony. Frequency. Good Vibes!

Spirit of the Soul ( 60 minutes )

When we express our needs and desires, our Soul moves with grace and freedom! 

Spirit is the Breath that bridges us together.  

In this soulful movement, Yoga and Chi Gong practice connecting to the Divine within you. Energize your inner power, your spirit, and learn combinations of bodywork, breathwork, and meditation to feel the high vibes within yourself. This is a Spiritual and gentle practice to center you, calm you, and as you breathe and flow, guide you back to your true source of purpose and power.  

"Look past your thoughts so you may drink the pure nectar of this moment.”

~ Rumi

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