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I feel like I’m walking on air after every time I train with Gypsy. It is an absolute pleasure to train with such a knowledgable, fun instructor, that contours the session to exactly what my individual body needs, Gypsy "walks the talk" herself (both rarities I have found ). It is so obvious she loves what she does and this has made so much difference to my own motivation and physical transformation. Gypsy rocks. ;)
~ Anna C.

Screen Play Writer, USA

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"Gypsy doesn't embody the seriousness and self-righteousness of some yoga teachers but rather smiles like a naughty pixie and brings the joy and spiritual depth that makes her yoga classes truly uplifting and a physical challenge too." - Diana Terrones (Germany)



Aligning yourself to higher consciousness will create an auspicious, creative, and constructive life. Meditation is not a religion or philosophy, but a beautiful practice of pure awareness and self-development. Gypsy offers Yoga Nidra, Chakra clearing, Guided Visualization,

and Mudra and Mantra Meditations

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Gypsy teaches sexy dance classes, burlesque, classical ballet, tap, jazz and musical theater, and she gives sassy choreography to keep!  Build strength, rhythmic coordinations, and flow. Move with momentum, and learn control and release with practice. 

Learn styles that incorporate balance, direction changes, hinges and holds, kicks, spins, and floor work.



Somatic Movement and Kinesiology are modalities that embody sensing and feeling from within, rather than from an external source. By calling to our subconscious intelligence, these modalities heal deeply. Somatics awakens a process of awareness within the human body through subtle movements.



"Gypsy’s deep knowledge of the body in movement through her years of dance, aerial work, yoga training, and Pilates certification allows her to be perfectly in tune with what your body’s needs and requirements are for that day and moment." - Asa Kubiak, Acrobat for Cirque du Soleil



Why not Master your Breath? It’s estimated you breathe around 22,000 times each day. Breath work stimulates the electrical currents of subtle energy within you. The power of breath works with the internal flow of Prana to open, release, and unblock pathways by rewiring your brain, and charging every cell in your body.

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