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Tantra CourSe

Balancing Your Body and Mind 

with Practice and Presence

Join gypSy

for a 4 - Week Immersive Experience Online


November 3rd - 30th


Feel the Freedom that You were Born with and You Embody.

Early Registration before July 31, 2024

This Course Covers:
  • Tantra Yoga as a Path and Practice to Pleasure

  • What do we Feel and See as “Energy”?

  • How Awareness is Your Superpower: The Importance of Your Body’s Feelings, and How to Turn Them On

  • Why Trusting Yourself Is So Essential and How to Live it 

  • How Embodying the God/Goddess within You Raises Your Freedom Frequency 

  • Foundation and Grounding with Lower Body, Chakras, and our Planet Earth 

  • The Importance of Heart ❤️ Coherence, One Heart Meditation, and How to Use it as Your Superpower 

  • Raising Your Cosmic Frequency with the Upper Body, Chakras, and the Universe 

  • Living from Your True Core: Being Centered and Grounded (includes a meditation practice)

  • How to Clear and Detox both Physically and Energetic, and Set Healthy Boundaries 

  • The Importance of Self-Care

  • Nutrition Guidance (recipes)

  • Igniting Your Inner Magic and Wisdom 

"Look past your thoughts so you may drink the pure nectar of this moment.”

~ Rumi

You'll Receive

Video lectures, guided audio meditations and teachings, and Gypsy's signature sequencing for mind, body, and soul. Once a week online class meetings over Zoom with the groupWorking to practice ~ and play ~ with the energies of Earth, Heart, and Cosmos. 

You'll learn methods of movement, breath, sound, and meditation through:

~ Yoga ~

~ Dance ~

~ Chi Gong ~ 

~ Pranayama ~

~ Mantras and Sutras ~ 

~ Mudras ~ 

~ Meditation ~

~ Philosophy ~

Early Registration before July 31, 2024

Headshot 1.jpg
AbouT GypSy  BasT

Gypsy’s teachings are intelligently physical, spiritual, and sensual. Over her career, she joyfully shares and coaches people on how to increase their vitality to overcome injuries and pain.


Gypsy inspires by cultivating self-care, love, awareness, and pleasure practices. She guides her students through their blocks or traumas and helps them awaken their inner strengths. Ideal for anyone wanting to access their healthiest states of being. 

She has appeared in Namaskar, Vision Magazine, and Yoga Magazine, choreographed for Bon Jovi, the Sundance Film festival, and has trained Cirque de Soleil shows, Hollywood celebrities, international sports stars, ballet companies, royalty, and the CEO's of leading companies.

This online course is a part of the One Heart Practice School of Tantra Level One.

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